Assorted links

1. Dinosaur origami.

2. Concordance of Murakami reviews, Laura Miller here.  You may recall I read a chunk of the book last year and quite liked it, I will resume with it when my copy arrives Tuesday.

3. My TGS talk at the Singularity Summit, some summaries and other talks here.

4. Disaggregating the PIIGS, it’s about competitiveness.

5. Markets in everything: “the Shalit shirt.”

6. Elyn Saks update.


Both Italy and Libya are in the news. Both were on my target list for incentive pay programs.

For Italy the issue is competitiveness (see #4 above, a very good analysis), with the author noting that Italy is resisting pro-growth policies. As for Libya, its new government has announced in intends to institute Islamic law in economic relations (

In both these cases, it would be possible to insist on performance-based pay for politicians. And in both cases, it would work. Failing that, Italy will struggle to overcome entrenched interests, and Libya may well be overwhelmed by socially conservative forces. (Been there, done that on both counts in Hungary.)

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Comments for this post are closed