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I'd be willing to #1.

TGGP -- you are unclear. You would be willing to do what, exactly? To check the link, to kill a horse, to get yourself covered in blood, to crawl naked into a dead horse?

What, on a dare? Just for fun? I would be willing to do it too, for enough money.

3. Yes, but Joan Didion is always narcissitic and problematic, I can't think of anything she ever wrote, good or bad, that wasn't. In general though I think this is a general problem with memoirs about family members, whether of one's children, parents, or siblings. But the ones about one's children are invariably the most self absorbed, after all I have usually found that the worst possible informant about anyone is a parent. While this is also true about a child's view of their parent, writing solipsistically about one's own parents is one of the great traditions of Western Civilization, so you are in better company when you do it.

1. Why wasn't this filed under the culture that is Oregon. I know I am being unfair but the state's 55 mile an hour speed limit In what is basically A less densely inhabited more inhospitable portion of Northern Nevada, has always made me resentful of Idaho's Portugal.

What part of oregon is this?

It is the eastern third of the State the whose largest city is Pendleton, but in particular I am referring to Oregon's Empty Quarter which the the whole corner of the state SE of the Cascades and Blue Mountains. A land of alkali Lakes, inhospitable desert and the majestic metropolis of Burns, Oregon, its only real population is basically on its Eastern edge, where a good description of it would be West Boise.

The 55 mile an hour speed limit is vigorously enforced in the whole state and is even a worse abomination than not being able to pump your own gas. I could rant on for hours regarding the evil of Oregon, which manages to combine the worst things about Delaware, Vermont, New Jersey, and is filled with hillbillies, a group I actually don't much object to except for the Oregon variety. And yet the state gets off completely because everyone "knows" that Portland is supposed to be so progressive.

This isn't from what you're calling "the Empty Quarter" though--this is from Washington County, some of which is counted as the metro Portland area.

No my hatred is directed at the voters in Portland who inflict this on me, the voter(singular) near Malheur Lake would probably be very happy with no speed limit at all. If it wasn't for the Portland Metro, Oregon would just be a more backward version of Idaho, and I could drive through it as fast as I wanted.

You know, I don't think I've ever witnessed an anti-Oregon rant before that.

I'm glad I could be of service, I just wish it had been a better rant.

To my mind, crawling inside the carcass of a horse that had been humanely killed because a person wants to 'feel one' with it is certainly unusual, but not disgusting. However, crawling inside the carcass of a dead horse because one wants to 'feel one' with Luke Skywalker inside his dead tauntaun on the planet Hoth is disgusting.

Oh wait, I get it! Or maybe I get it. Perhaps Tyler is disgusted that the woman is being picked on for unusual behaviour and is willing to defend her right to crawl inside a dead horse if that's what she really wants to do.

I don't think Siri is a Google killer, I think it's a literacy killer.

The article has some good arguments, but after a few years of evidence I have decided that anybody that uses the word "killer" in this context is overbought on confidence and has ventured into vacuous posturing (that sometimes happens to be headline-grabbing).

We will have to see what happens. People have tried to do these things for a long time.

I agree with the "culture that is Oregon" point. People ask me why I will NEVER live in Oregon again... this goes in the file of evidence.

I like the comment on the Siri article "Jackson was long AAPL at the time of writing this article", suggesting that he maybe isn't any longer.

Anyway, it is an investor's enthusiastic dream, not a technician's sober analysis. Google has worked on voice analysis and natural language processing for years, and they have a ridiculous expertise. They employ generations of MIT AI graduates. The data gathering that the author talks about, Google also has a thee year head start on.

Of course, it's possible that this small startup that Apple bought had outsmarted the industry legends at Google. It is also possible that they've just put on some quality makeup to hide hard problems in NLP. That would leave you with the sort of colorful autistic puppy personality you meet at Cleverbot. Awfully cute at first, but more often frustrating than useful - and not really able to scale up to something worthwhile.

re #4, articles like this make me very nervous, although I have trouble articulating exactly why.

I wouldn't want to climb inside a dead horse... but, really? We're upset that a sick horse was humanely killed and that one of the owners wanted to experience crawling inside it?

How is this anyone's business? I'm happy to hang out with people who do weirder things every day.

See, for instance, another horse story from Oregon:

Two people starved a horse for six months because they were cheap. Isn't that more disgusting?

Anyone else have an Iphone4S? I do. Siri sucks.

I do, and I am finding Siri to be quite useful. Not a life-changer by any stretch of the imagination, but useful. Two use cases so far: when I get out of the subway in the morning to walk the rest of the way to my office, I tell Siri which podcast I want to play. The phone can stay in my pocket, and the colder it gets the better that is. At night when I get out of the subway on the way home, I tell Siri to dial my wife for me. Again, then phone stays in my pocket and my hands stay in my gloves - very nice.

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