Fanfare Meta-List and other picks for classical music this year

Every  year I cull through the Fanfare Critics “best of” lists and provide a meta-list of the new recordings which are mentioned more than once.  This year we have a fairly short meta-list:

1. James Willey, String Quartets, 3, 7, and 8, Esterhazy Quartet.

2. Michael Colina, Violin Concerto, other works, not on Amazon; and by assorted artists, The Art of Gregor Piatigorsky, also not available on Amazon.

3. Claude Frank: 85th Birthday Celebration.

My classical CD picks for the year are:

Scarlatti, volume I, by Carlo Grante (the most significant achievement), Diabelli Variations by Paul Lewis, Bach’s Trio Sonatas for Organ by Robert Quinney (probably my favorite of the entire year), and Shostakovich Symphony #10, by Vasily Petrenko.


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