How best to improvise a new professional basketball season

Since a regular NBA season is looking unlikely, what are the remaining options?  I don’t see why the lead players should be so keen to start up in Europe.  What if Comcast (or cash-rich Google?) said to a bunch of top stars something like the following?:

We’ll take care of renting the arenas, you all just show up and play.  We’ll create four teams, heavy with stars and key role players, and let them barnstorm in a multi-round tournament, twenty-four games total, with elimination games toward the end.  Past stars, like Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley (no MJ!), will be the coaches and maybe sometimes the referees as well.  We’re going to pay you all with equity, with the final return depending on how much the TV ads sell for.  There also will be bonuses for the winners, so you don’t all mess around like in the All-Star game.

If more than four teams can be managed and coordinated, so much the better.  At the end of a tournament the world champion is announced, and come September or October you can pit that team against the Dallas Mavericks.

One of the four teams can be non-American-born players only, to get the rest of the world involved.

Couldn’t this be…um…more fun, or as much fun, as the so-called regular season?

What else could we do?


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