What is quirky about the United States?

Via Joseph Burke, here is a long list of answers from foreigners.  I enjoyed many of them, how about this?:

My Norwegian friend visiting right now says,

4700 kinds of toothpaste.

Surprisingly clean big cities.

Everyone complains bitterly about the suckitude of government and is suspicious of it but they all follow the rules anyway even if nobody is watching.

How supermarkets not just let you wander off with carts into the wild blue yonder but will set up displays of firewood, plants, pumpkins, etc., out front with nobody watching and trust you’ll bring it indoors to pay for it. (see also rule-following above)

He finds these last two especially jarring given the U.S.’s high incarceration and violent crime rates.

Or this, from a Brit:

When Americans kid one another, they will wait a few seconds and then let the kidee know that they were just kidding. Every time. This shocked me for a while.

Or this:

I dated a guy from Austria and he asked why we have those concrete things in parking spaces.

I explained it was to keep us from running into the car in the opposite spot.

And then I bumped the concrete thing with the tires.

That seemed to make him nervous for some reason….

What can you all add?


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