Merry Christmas!


Here is a new article on the (limited) revival in the Haitian countryside, Benoit, of course, was the greatest painter of rural Haiti.

Thank you! - no Mon

Merry Christmas! Here's a rather positive outlook on the Haitian economy from the IMF:

Merry Christmas:

Andreas, glad you are more "relaxed" about Christmas now. It can be a stressful time even for people who believe (or at least enjoy) the stories. Not everyone feels joyous this time of year...for physical reasons (like those still homeless in Haiti) and for emotional reasons (like those who place too high of expectations on themselves and others this time of year). If nothing else it seems like a wonderful time of year to enjoy some quiet beauty (however you define it) a good book, a good painting, or a good conversation. Cheers.

Claudia, thank you for that description of the various attitudes regarding the Nativity. To many people, it does not matter whether the birth of Jesus ever happened. They just like to imagine it. And, there are few people who would deny that there was a man named Jesus. I imagine that many would acknowledge that he was born in a stable in Bethlehem. However, they would say that he was merely human, and that he was not God Incarnate. I am one who believes that he was God Incarnate, and so the accounts of His life and ministry, including those from the early part of his life, matter to me.

I do the fluffy parts, like the presents and the decorations, so Christmas can be exhausting!

Evan, I was not aiming for an adequate description of the Nativity but simply talking about the stresses of modern day Christmas. (in response to Andreas' blog post.) I prefer to keep my religious views private, but I respect more public statements from others. Reading Lessing's Nathan the Wise in college made a real impression on me and so I am less comfortable arguing that my religion is the "real" one. Of course, your deep attachment to Christmas should make the fluffy parts of the holiday more worthwhile. And such art work more enjoyable.

The small people up front need to take their vitamins or some growth hormones.

Merry Christmas!

And thank you for sharing different art each Christmas.

Please put better Christmas art up.


The benevolent arrival of sweet Christianity in the new world. The happy natives welcome the innocent Jesus. Ahhh...the blessings of capitalism!
It would, of course, be marginally impolitic to point out the dead, bleeding, raped, starved, tortured, and enslaved Haitians who made this angelic scene possible.

Benoit, of course, was the greatest painter of rural Haiti.

If that is the greatest, just how bad are others? The guy clearly had absolutely no idea of how to draw. The kneeling guy in blue pants is simply comically badly done.

"enslaved Haitians who made this angelic scene possible"

Do you mean because one of them actually painted it?

Jews played Handel for the German commanders of Auschwitz.

I think he means it's just a painting and not a photograph of an actual event?

I like it, so thanks.

Sweet Jesus in a suit. No wait, that's Jospeh. But who's the bloke in blue jeans and a tshirt?

very primitive. child-like finger painting. crap.
and every good member of the cocktail party circuit is thinking the same thing. but none dare say so.

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