*Little Serow*

Imagine northeastern Thai street food, Issan style, combined with the quality ingredients and overall standards of fine dining.  Right now it’s the best place in DC by a long ways and the best place this area has had in a long time.  The tastes are sharp, hot, sour, pungent, musty, and occasionally sweet.  The level of heat can be high.  You cannot choose your food.  Every course was a knockout, only $45 for a seven-course menu, no substitutions.  There’s nowhere else like it.  It is right next to Komi, and brought to you by the same people.  Remarkably, the cook is Greek-American and not Thai.  Could it be the best Thai place on the East coast?

Their website and menu is here.  Here is a Sietsema reviewDon Rockwell says it may be the best new restaurant in the U.S. this year; there is more from Don here.  A must.  No reservations, so you must show up before opening at 5:30 or wait two hours to get in.


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