Assorted links

1. There is no great stagnation, equine edition, the spread of finance, measuring worker value, and a metaphor for the American economy, all in one simple story.  Masterful.

2. English translation of an Adonis poem, from Syria.

3. What is the conditional probability of being struck by lightning?

4. Profile of Wendy Braitman, she was recently discussed (at length) in this links section.

5. Rabbit leaping contests are one thing.  Bevolke, please explain the Norwegian dog lockers.  It seems to be a design trend (?), more here.  Is it just Keynes chapter 17 all over again?  Are they air conditioned during the summer?  Need they be?

6. The velocity of guns is rising; of course that is contractionary in the macroeconomic sense.

These should keep you busy for a while.


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