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I prefer Jack Bauer over Chuck Norris.


There, Chuck Norris fixed it.

did anyone tell nick rowe? he had a half dozen posts comparing the Fed to chuck norris...

Bud Spencer pool is much nicer

Buried lede: Germans reject Internet campaign to name tunnel after a spaghetti western actor. Instead, they name the tunnel "Unicorn."

Who says Germans don't have a sense of humor!

3. I understood there was a bridge named "Chuck Norris", but they had to change it, because nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives...

No, that WAS Chuck Norris, and after everyone got across he just got up and went back to kicking ass.

These Chuck Norris jokes are so dumb but I freaking love them

No one calls anything related to Chuck Norris dumb and lives to tell about it.

Au contraire, you're pretty dumb if you joke about him. Unless you like roundhouse sandwiches.

#2: Interesting technique. Nice to see that all this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted.

+1 rush ref. altho 'the trees' might be more apropos for this blog.

It's really just a question of your honesty.

That remastering article is pretty awful. Fortunately (some of) the comments are better.

No kidding. Unfortunately sifting out the informed comments from the ones that are a load of crap requires the same level of sophistication as determining that the article is awful.

#5 is pretty depressive. I was actually writing about this recently. I find it amazing how we have this carnage in Syria and Libya and all bleeding hearts liberals are totally quiet about it. Where are the street protests? Where are the outraged NYT editorials? Remember how everyone was enraged when it was reported that 100k civilians had died in Iraq? Well, we probably have that many dead in Libya and that is a country 6x smaller!

It is very easy to criticize nation building but the current approach is insane.

#5 I agree. And I found Nir Rosen's editorializing annoying. He had to include a reference to the perfidiousness (and incompetent) "Zionists" every now and then...

There doesn't seem to be any good evidence for a figure as high as 100,000.

The article notes human rights groups looking for mass graves finding bodies in the hundreds. Ultimately, we'll need a good epidemiological study like that done in Iraq, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, etc. to get a reliable estimate for the death toll. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say based on news reports from the conflict that it will be in the low thousands.

Because of the existence of what you call "bleeding hearts" opposition activists the world over have every incentivize to make absurdly inflated estimates of casualties to prompt U.S. intervention on their behalf.

Well, there was a lot of controversy on the Iraq numbers as well. However, the exact death tool is not the main point. The main point is to try to compare the world's reaction to what was happening in Iraq to the reaction to Libya. Like I mentioned, this is a much smaller country and you can easily make the call that the carnage is at least comparable. So where are the street protests? Where is the media revolt? The whole world seems pretty much resigned to what is going on in Libya and Syria. Back when we had the civil war in Iraq they were calling the US soldiers Nazis and saying that we were to blame. Who is to blame now?

Do these people only care when the US is involved?

Please, no more bleeding hearts for other nations of which we are mostly ignorant. Our leaders do a bad enough job trying to improve the place they actually live in.

#3 is obviously wrong, Tyler, and frankly I'm surprised you would make such an elementary error. Clearly what happened was that Chuck Norris graciously allowed the rest of the world's bridges to not be named after him.

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