Is Jeremy Lin a fluke?

Nate Silver says no.  I say that in Mike D’Antoni’s offensive schemes a lot of point guards reap more than the statistics they would pick up on other teams and from other offenses, and since the D’Antoni scheme is not very generalizable, or capable of winning a championship, the “other team” metrics are more or less the correct ones.  Who else thinks the Knicks can continue to steamroll through victories like this, with or without their two “stars”? (ZMPers I call them.)  I say he’s been toasting a number of teams that don’t have real defense against good attacking point guards, such as Washington and the Lakers.  I think he will be very good but maybe someone like Fat Lever or Kenny Smith is the right comparison.  That’s stillgood.  In the playoffs, with a real defender on him, I suspect he is just another good player.  He was by the way an economic major at Harvard, let’s ask Mankiw.

Addendum: Via Ben Casnocha, here is Metta to Lin.


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