The book truck

Sometimes the number of books arriving at the house each day exceeds my ability to carry them away (not a complaint), in part because I am not always in town to bring them to the office.  Kathleen Fasanella suggests the book truck:

I have a Bretford, 36″ long shelves (6 sloped shelves), 18″ deep, 43″ or so high, 5″ Casters. 2 swivel, 2 lock. It is a welded frame so there is nothing to put together (except to snap in the casters)This model is available at highsmith…

The model no is L3W-H10251, bottom of the page at the above link.

This is the least expensive price I found but I don’t know if this company is any good:

Here is her blog post on how to organize books.

I am going to buy the book truck.


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