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Thinking economically doesn't? Ascribing motives to economic self-interest tends to make people seem more like robots.

"Ricardo remains underrated."

Word to that. I wonder if Tyler has any thoughts on why this should be so. When I was an undergrad it was my impression that Ricardo was regarded as the quintessential Great Economist, admired by all. It has surprised me to discover more recently that econ types rarely speak well of him, and often hold him in contempt. Why?

2 deserves a "There is no great stagnation."

The good sex - good grades campaign sounds promising. I'd be tempted to one-up them and offer a "package" with actual tutoring!

Kansas City? BBQ craving, Tyler? Or did all of you east coast guys want to help Brad DeLong save a little money on his airfare?

"5. Thinking politically makes you callous. It really does."

Please don't blind-link to Will Wilkinson. I'd rather get rickrolled, even goatse'd.

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