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#5 -- I see that the climate change book is going for $90 USD on amazon -- I will wait until my university library acquires it to read the articles that might interest me

I read the Golden Notebook as assigned reading about 40 years ago.

I thought it was self indulgent, self absorbed chic lit.

That's super. I guess that is why you have that book review column in the NYT.

Before this degenerates into a debate about global warming, I'll second Enrique - that's a lot of money for a book. And no Kindle version? Is it intended as a textbook?

2. Freemasons need to embrace the conspiracy theory that they run everything. It's much more exciting — and better for recruiting — than the reality of mild men of middle and greater years hanging out and engaging in yawn-inducing good works.

The Freemasons past their prime years ago. It's the Stonecutters that run everything now. I don't even think the Freemasons in their prime could have made Steve Guttenberg a star.

It should be not fivver

Happy Passover and Easter everybody.

#2 - there's supposedly "no such thing as the secret handshake" but once an old Mason mistakenly thought I gave him the secret handshake, responding with a coded phrase.

2. Lack of women in the Masons = naff. Not appealling to young men. Also, more women managers makes it a worse networking tool.

4) "The Atheist" is apparently agnostic.

5. "the growing evidence that climate change is a serious problem" Much like the growing evidence that homeopathy really works, there is an ever-growing mountain of poorly researched, badly reviewed, activist-driven climate science that convinces fewer people than ever. Common sense, indeed.

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