Assorted links

1. Carrying costs > liquidity premium, German dead body edition.  Raise the price of a donation, I say.

2. Liquidity premium > carrying costs, German live body edition, disintermediation; “He meets 10 to 15 women a month.”  Recommended, I read it twice.

3. Jeff Sachs toys with the idea of a three-child limit for Nigeria (for fathers?  mothers?  probably de facto just the latter, then won’t it boost polygamy?).  In any case it would be a huge tax on rural Nigerians and it is a very bad idea, not to mention a massive violation of personal liberty.  Wouldn’t a more right-wing thinker have encountered a firestorm for a similar proposal?  (Addendum: a related set of links and commentary from Chris Blattman.)

4. More on Robert Caro.

5. Me in El Diario, on El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, sister cities of a sort, a wonderful near-controlled experiment on how the law influences our food (in Spanish).


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