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Would love to hear what you think will be discussed at the Bilderberg meeting this week. Does anyone remember when only "conspiracy theorists" had heard of the meeting?

I can only assume that false flag nuclear attacks on American cities and secret FEMA prison camps will be on the agenda.

The camps aren't secret ;now they admit they are there...they have moved on to saying they are just in case we need them for mass illegal migrations.

Just as they don't deny domestic drones anymore and are just getting people ready to accept them being armed.

I've missed Gabe. I don't know what I'd do without his reports on the secret cabals enslaving us all.

#1 reminds me of a recent paper by David Skarbek, which Alex blogged about here: Ungated version of the paper is here:

4. I wonder if capital flight will reach a level sufficiently high to cause the Japanese government to reconsider some of their domestic policies. I am speaking a bit off the cuff but my understanding is that it is very difficult for foreign nationals to buy property/invest in capital in Japan. If their own citizens are fleeing the country, they may want to open it up to more foreigners.

Re Japan: after you subtract their net overseas surplus, their Debt-to-GDP is about half what it is, to about 125%--still high, but not scary high. Plus most of their debt is held by domestic entities, which are subject to Japanese law and can be 'taxed to death' or forced to accept inflated yen. So while Japan's situation is dire, it's not as bad as the statistics look. I still say that they'll be the first big country to default though--in about five years at the present glide path.

2. That is funny, nice find.

Maybe the gas companies should start advertising their 'all natural' 'organic' fracking fluids. I can see it now. That's not methane in your water, its Guar bean gum. People will be swimming in the stuff.

Guar's a hardy plant that'll grow almost anywhere. Indian farmers used to plant it when nothing else worked.

Wonder why Oil Companies don't expand cultivation in the South.

The run-up in guar bean prices has happened before in the period circa 1978-1982. At the time it was partly oil-field and water well usage, but mostly it was market manipulation by the primary manufacturer of hydroxypropyl guar (HPC). For various technical reasons HPC is a better thickener for fracking fluids than straight guar. So you need to look at the guar bean buying patterns of the major HPC manufacturers.

BTW the rig count now is much, much less than it was in 1980. :-)

But in 1980, there were no 10,000 foot lateral wells with 30-40 stage hydraulic fracturing treatments.

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