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Rahul, a loyal MR reader, asks:

You seem a very productive person and travel quite a bit too. Are you very cell-phone savvy and does it impact your productivity? Any apps you love or use a lot? (Do you play chess on the move! )

Can you blog about your personal cellphone selection strategy. Curious what phone(s) you use.
Ditto for Laptops. What’s your selection strategy. Small versus large screen real estate. What’s your personal optimum.

Also, Mac / PC / or Linux? What’s your ecosystem and what do you love/hate about it.

Would love a blog post on these topics! It’s convenient to imitate the choices of a productive person! 🙂

No, I am not cell phone savvy, as I still do not know how to send a text (just this year I learned how to read one).  In any case, here is my ecosystem:

1. Verizon cellphone.  Very simple, I use it only for calls, the keys are very convenient and otherwise it has no features which I either understand or use.

2. iPhone, latest edition.  I never use it for calls unless I am overseas, in which case it becomes my cellphone for receiving calls (no reason to make them in other countries).  I use it for email, and not for apps, and occasionally for visiting websites such as this one.  I have spent time with some apps to learn how they work, but for research purposes.  Overall their closed systems do not appeal to me.

3. iPad 1.0.  It’s beautiful, it was important, mine has a nice case on it, and I don’t want to part with it.  Plus I have some windows kept open on it.  By carrying around two iPads I can keep more windows open, without being confused.

4. iPad 3.0.  Better than the original iPad (which as we’ve seen is already worth carrying around), and the web connection works internationally and very well.  I now feel connected to the important information just about everywhere.  It has changed my life.

5. I don’ t know what kind of laptop I have, although I guess I could look.  It’s not optimized for anything, except perhaps my own ignorance.  It’s not an Apple Mac, I know that, and I am glad I got rid of Vista.

6. Kindle.  I still prefer real books, but for long plane rides, or sometimes even short plane rides, the carry costs of books are high.  So it gets plenty of use.

Here is an article on why so many Nigerians own more than one cell phone.

Addendum: Tim Harford lays out his system.


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