The Independent on *An Economist Gets Lunch*

The review is here, by Will Dean, the summary is here:

If you’re interested in how the food and restaurant industries work – and how to exploit those factors for your own good – then Cowen’s work is indispensable.


All good advice. It has no recipes, few restaurant recommendations and no famous chef names, but An Economist Gets Lunch might be the most interesting book about food you read all year.


Maybe there is more detail in the book, but the anecdote about the squabbling German family seems to rest on some pretty speculative assumptions. How didTyler know the family weren't tourists from a different part of Germany? Germans generally frown on children in decent restaurants so when you do see a family with children (and you are not in an Italian or Chinese restaurant) chances are they are out of towners. Or maybe there were no children, in which case how does Tyler know it was a family that lives together?

The word "exploit" jumped out at me and I thought the review was going to be about exploited workers (or maybe how to exploit "workors"?).

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