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Re #1: Are we talking about one translator or a team or translators?

Puhummeko yksi kääntäjä tai joukkueen tai kääntäjät?

Also, shouldn't that be "translate TO Finnish"?

I think that was supposed to be a pun on "to the finish."

As an occasional translator, I would say 'translate into Finnish'....

In other news (a link from a link) the Harry Potter machine treats translators like dirt...

Because they wanted you to waive any rights to the translation? Seems pretty reasonable.

Changing the contract terms after submission of final manuscript? Reasonable?

Maybe it's "reasonable" to use the promise of future work as leverage for change of terms, but withholding payment?

Re "Failed Food System" this is quite common in SE Asia--for example in the Philippines they import rice from Thailand in some years because of food distribution problems despite the fact the Philippines should be exporting rice. Same for coconuts. Recall in the Soviet Union a large percent (I've seen as large as 90%) of food went unharvested. Then there's the Ukraine in the 1930s.

The most important thing about Suomi is that it forms the foundation for the high elvin Quenya in The Lord of the Rings, :-).

Re: #3, I'm not an economist and not trying to assume anything, but isn't it impossible for every country to have an export-led bounce back? I feel like I've heard that claim attributed to everybody in the past year or so.

All countries could increase their exports with each other. Especially if moving from a depressed situation, e.g. the current situation with economic activity still somewhat depressed might be an example. Or in the extreme case, if all countries were currently in autarky (no exports or imports at all), then it would be easy (and welfare increasing) for all of them to increase their exports.

Trade is not a zero sum game. It's (usually) a win-win game.

And re: #2, maybe less people need to survive hospital stays. Seriously.

After spending the last couple months surveying assisted living / hospice care facilities, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if some of those people had passed when they had a chance, instead of enduring the torture that is endless life in the same spot of a bed or wheelchair.

@Can Spain and Italy export their way out of trouble?

Reinhart and Rogoff in "This Time Is Different" point out that countries that exported their way out of a crash (defined as at least a 25% improvement from the baseline) are in the minority: only 1 out of 8 countries did that in the sample period from I think 1980 to now. And this is only countries that did not have a credit event like default. So the answer is "probably no" to the above.

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