Doller Otaku, or the culture that is you-know-where

It is hard to pull out just one paragraph from this gem of an article, but here goes:

I like to think myself as a kigurumist [from kigurumi, costume] because I don’t only dress up as two-dimensional beautiful girls. I also dress up as fairies, furry animals and monsters too. I think that dollers dress up as dolls as an extension of cosplay and I don’t want to be categorized as a doller or a cosplayer because I don’t put on an act. I don’t change my character or personality to match my kigurumi as others do.


What’s important is I can become something on the borderline between human beings and dolls. I like the idea of existing somewhere between the 2-D and 3-D worlds.

Why wear a mask when you’re so pretty?

I must admit, I think I’m the cutest girl in the world. But I want to keep on pursuing beauty.

The article is here, with photos, via a loyal MR reader.


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