Megan McArdle reemerges at The Daily Beast

You can find her new blog here.  Here is Megan on today’s Supreme Court decision.


I'm glad she's back. Pity about the opening post, mind.

Judicial activisim - doing what they shouldn't do
Judicial review - doing their job
Why is this complicated?

I bet a lot of people suddenly get the difference between judicial review and judicial activism.

It's pretty simple: If I like the opinion, it's wise judicial review, but if I don't like the opinion, it's dangerous judicial activism.

"It's one of those irregular verbs, isn't it: I have an independent mind; you are an eccentric; he is round the twist."

Again, isn't this "markets in everything"

Needs RSS

Seconded. I wonder if they just don't have it set up yet, or whether the Daily Newsbeast does RSS feeds.

I think the Daily Newsbeast might not believe in RSS feeds. They don't have one of the main page, either.

Andrew Sullivan's blog on the site has RSS.

Niall Ferguson's doesn't have RSS either and I've wished they would add this feature.

Someone in her comment section made and posted this:
although I can no longer find that comment there.

She will easily be the best thing about any Newsweek operation. I just hate website that make you do a unique sign up to comment. Why couldn't they have kept disqus?

Is there any explanation of her disappearance from the Atlantic anywhere? I may not have been paying attention, but I noticed that she had a long list of guest bloggers, and then eventually she just disappeared. I was wondering if she'd gone on maternity leave or something.

The Atlantic yanked the page from

This seems to be a copy:

That's odd, leaving everything but deleting her last post the day she started her new job. They were ok with her writing about her new position right up until she actually took it?

She didn't say that she was moving to a new employer until the last post that the Atlantic just deleted. She was on leave writing a book, I think.

Weird. I see an RSS icon, but it doesn't work.

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