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(5): "Isaac Wolfson ... became the first man since Jesus Christ to have a college named after him at both Oxford and Cambridge": balls. St John.

Nope, Cambridge is for the Evangelist and Oxford for the Baptist.

Fancy that. I stand corrected.

(5) "Can it really be right that “if rich countries integrated less with poorer countries, the poor countries might well be all the better for it”?" How could one stop drug prohibition in the USA 'integrating' with Mexico?

Esther Duflo is certainly smarter than I am and better informed on many subjects. But she lost me at "Paternalism emerged with the Industrial Revolution."

(4) Even the strongest man in the world has no chance against the guy who has THIS world record:

#2- Is this what liberal arts majors do all day? It is pure brain diarrhea. And your brain just gorged at taco bell.

Not that I want to go to bat for "liberal arts", but that's Continental philosophy. So, one type of one type of liberal art. And everyone knows it's garbage.

(1) Weed dating. That's the best they could come up with. Not "farming dating", or "green dating", or "agricultural dating". No, they had to choose a word that elicits a completely different idea.

I'm going to start a steam locomotive themed dating group, 4-2-0 dating.

Because all they're doing is pulling weeds.

After a few seconds of thought, that actually sounded like a good speed dating idea, not that I have any experience with any form of it

"farming", "green" and "agricultural" don't rhyme with "speed", is the point.

#4 - I'd rather be the fittest man (or woman) on the planet.

I had a look at the competitors. Interestingly, only one was a 6 footer (at 6 even). The others were all around 5' 8", with a couple of 5' 10"s and no 5' 11"s. I guess there's an optimal size/shape for that competition ... as for most competitions.

true, but average height of winners is always changing each competition based on the events. here is some analysis on another crossfit competition about height and weight vs performance.

Crossfit is not the best way to achieve fitness. It's overpriced, run by jerks, cult-like, and often leads to injury bc of the timed aspect of the work outs. Cycle through muscle building and cardio cycles.

6. politics isn't about policy and so on.

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