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Can we prepone the meeting? There are a lot of dacoits in the Malabar Hill and I will need to go home early.

2. Very funny. However, many of these are Englishisms are not unique to India, but can be found in other numerous other former colonies, including the West Indies.

Who is everybodies favourite handsome pessimist economist doing a youtube video series?

Should the rest of us adopt "prepone" in our vocabulary? I intend to do so... prehaste.

Some more "Indish" [ Indian English]:
"tiffin" for breakfast

"tiffin box" for lunch box, though tiffin refers to breakfast only!

buses are boarded at bus "stands" but trains at train "stations"
"curds" for plain yogurt
When I was in school we had to address a lady teacher as 'teacher" and a male teacher as 'sir'. today a lady teacher is addressed as 'Miss'. sirs are still sirs. or "saars" depending on your dialect. When you get a rap on the knuckles the teacher/sir "gave me a cut". I could never understand how "cut" describes this sadistic practice.
You don't defend your PhD thesis. Instead you "have a PhD viva"
When a teacher/miss/sir makes you write a formula or a word 100 times you are "given imposition"

It's also called a viva in Britain.

From #3....
Who is "The Dude" in the economics blogosphere????

Do you have to ask? The Dude is whoever can get away with calling his opponents by childish names and dysphonious insults, while having dozens of disciples acting as if his every word is a revelation that nobody else has thought of before. Who has long since gone from an innovator in his field to a symbol of a movement, with all the arrogance going with it.

Yes, that's right. The Morrissey of the economics world is alive and well and living in the New York Times.

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