*Gone Girl*

That is the new novel by Gillian Flynn, which has found great favor among readers.  It does not present itself as an intellectual book, yet by the end it turned out to be clever in a very different way than what had been promised up front.  Recommended, if you are looking for a page turner and an excellent novel about both crime and marriage.


Listening to alt-country lately, Tyler?

I was quite intrigued there for a moment.

Yeah, "I Want to Read That Rock and Roll"

I agree with Jack,and was thinking Brandon T. makes a good guess as well.

Is Gillian Flynn also Gillian Welch?

I've read both of her novels. "Sharp Objects" was claustrophobic and gripping but in the end overdone. "Dark Places" was a step forward and I thought was just a great crime novel, both exciting and fully developed, and tackled a world - poor white farmers - that is almost never covered. I'm looking forward to her new one. She's established as a must-read for anyone interested in crime fiction, as far as I'm concerned.

That would've made me forgive the 8 year gap before her last album :) Alas.

Tyler, I think the above commenters are trying to tell you that the author's name is Gillian Flynn, not Gillian Welch.

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