*Trust Me I’m Lying*

The author is Ryan Holiday and the subtitle is Confessions of a Media Manipulator.  Anyone interested in the economics of blogs or new media should read this book, replete with and indeed emphasizing seamy tales of manipulation, etc.  Think of it as Upton Sinclair on the blogosphere, and you will even find an anecdote about Marginal Revolution.


Here's a link to said anecdote for the curious and lazy.


seems like it will be a great book

I've read it already - Upton Sinclair on the blogosphere is dead on. This book will supply you with enough of food for thought for months.

Good job getting snared by his PR tricks, Tyler_Cowen.


I've heard of Mr. Holiday and his antics. He's been all over the journalism sites I frequent. What was your response to being tricked, Tyler?

You seem to like the book. So I guess you weren't too bothered.

Bruce Wallace = Ryan Holiday? I say this in jest, but...

He mentions RSS is dead. It's dead to me, but I can't remember why. Was it iPhones?

Partially mobile, but I think a big part was that sites, platforms and browsers stopped supporting it. Twitter was a big part too.

Nice to see Jeff Ritze making an appearance, that's pretty funny.

google reader redesign killed rss.

RSS must be dying a slow death, as this site supposedly still has 204K subscribers.

Ever since the Father of Spin, Bernays, came on board the media could sell mass suicide / death to the public by calling it oil. That foundational psychotic denial reigns supreme at the moment.

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