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I don't see how the woman on the original version of the Canadian banknote is supposed to look Asian. Her hairstyle doesn't look like something an Asian woman would have. And in any event, why would it matter? It's not like there are no Asians in the Great White North.

The image in the article is the revised banknote, not the one which caused the controversy.

No, that is the original. You can prove it for yourself by watching the original release videos from 2011, eg.

According to the article: "Harrison declined to provide a copy of the original image, produced by a design team led by Jorge Peral of the Canadian Bank Note Co., which was a test design only and never made it into circulation."

"And in any event, why would it matter?"

It shouldn't, but some people don't like a reminder that intellectual achievements aren't equally distributed across populations.

And the woman doesn't look particularly Asian at all.

That's because she isn't: you're looking at the "after" picture. The "before" picture has not been released.

'imposing what a spokesman called a “neutral ethnicity”': the racialisation of everything, its wonders to perform.

"...imposing what a spokesman called a 'neutral ethnicity' for the woman scientist who, now stripped of her 'Asian' features, appears on the circulating note. Her light features appear to be Caucasian."

Well, at least they found a "neutral" solution...

its called whitewashing

Re "emerging threats", I wouldn't worry too much about the new generation of mini drones, as long as I am also able to buy "anti-drones" that are able to detect and destroy the new generation of mini-drones

A. Roy is just a suck-up to Western leftists by being pro-Muslim, like Western leftists (strangely) are.
Let her go live in Pakistan, that's what it's for.


wow because you can't handle the truth

3. This article is part of my overall criticism of education in America. Our schools are too detached from the rest of society. They train students in things that aren't valuable to society as a whole.

"People who want to play jazz actually outnumber those who enjoy or even tolerate it, let alone pay to hear it."

This is sorta true of Classical music as well. And if you are going to go to school to study music, these are basically your only two choices*. You love music? Go study something unpopular and unprofitable. Music that could provide a reliable income like Club DJ, hip-hop, hard rock, etc are basically shunned. You know, the music that people will actually pay to hear.

This is related to the way schools "weed out" STEM majors into social sciences. But I'd like to keep my criticism for now focused on this one issue; schools should be teaching students things that are valuable to society. Because otherwise they are basically wasting everyone's time pumping out endless concert violinists or jazz trumpeters who won't "make it" and find low paying jobs in an unrelated field or whatever their minor was outside of music. Such a waste.

*there are a few schools out there that teach things like hard rock but very few. The exception not the rule.

As I was reading I was mentally replacing "Jazz" with "Most subjects," even STEM. As I've said, I took a useful major within which nothing useful was taught. They always say "we teach you how to think" which puts a positive spin on it.

If the software industry is any indication, what is valuable to society is programmers with five years' experience. For some unfathomable reason, universities insist on producing only fresh graduates with no industry experience.

Ah, I recognized the Gellert baths immediately from the photo as the venue for the German insurance sex party. You just knew this thing had to happen in Hungary. Come to think of it, the Gellert is a pretty good venue for an orgy. Lots of hot baths, terrific architecture, ample space, central location. And, of course, it's owned by the City of Budapest, so there are no problems with organization or service.

From the article's teaser: "Prominent international insurer Ergo's reputation was badly damaged when news of a debaucherous sex party for agents at a Budapest bathhouse broke last year."

Insert long article about the party.

From the last sentence of the article: "The auditors did not, however, find any evidence of sexual debauchery."

Ok... so it was basically a party with loads of strippers. So what? And how can the reporter make the statements "when news of a debaucherous sex party", and "The auditors did not, however, find any evidence of sexual debauchery." together with a straight face?

Colin, my read is that the last comment is referring to a separate later event. There's an interview w/ the CEO in another article where he said there are conflicting reports of what actually transpired, but he confirmed 20 prostitutes were hired, and that the event was an embarrassing, big mistake.

From the comments over at

"Why is the image not Banting and Best. Who was the moron that decided to build a PC fantasy around insulin. There were four men involved in discovering insulin. That is the reality. Ottawa PC bureaucrats quit trying to re-write history with phoney crap."


Maybe some bureaucrat is "trying to re-write history," but nothing in the article indicates that the focus groups objected on the grounds of biographical accuracy.

Arundhati Roy is the classic crank.

e.g.Roy on Bill Gates foundation's work in India: "“What better way for usurers to use a minuscule percentage of their profits to run the world? How else would Bill Gates, who admittedly knows a thing or two about computers, find himself designing education, health and agriculture policies, not just for the US government, but for governments all over the world?” "

Arundhati Roy is the sort of professional Indian intellectual, from the upper classes of the old heirarchical India who attempts to maintain social status despite contributing nothing to society by confirming the colonialist buases of New Leftist elites in the former imperial metropoles. In other words she is an elitist though strangely subaltern creature of thankfully dying imperialist order. And I could go on and on.

India has tons of truly grotesque problems but Arundhati Roy is almost invariably on the side of making them worse, in the name of a people she knows next to nothing about. I look forward to the day there will be an Indian political And intellectual culture than was not so utterly founded on self righteous preening, but I probably would not recognize it as Indian.


First of all, why aren't portraits of the men who discovered insulin on the note? BTW, its design is bland and ugly. To hell with PC.

4. “Some believe that it presents a stereotype of Asians excelling in technology and/or the sciences." Am I supposed to think that this somehow harms Asians?

3 explained a conundrum for me. I was recently at a jazz festival here in Israel with some truly stupendous talents. I started counting the performers, counting the audience, and figuring the take. Ultimately I calculated that the net take from the concerts (which were well attended) divided among the artists would at most pay for hotel rooms leaving nothing for pay or even airfare. Being an economist I was baffled but now it occurs to me that these artists are willing to suffer losses for the opportunity to play with other great talents in front of an appreciative audience.

That's typical; what you observed was the norm and not the exception. I used to be initially baffled too but a lot of the groups coming to play at live-music venues around here make barely enough to pay for fuel for their vans. And they get free food and drinks. That's about it.

Maybe a part of it is the windfall chance (1 in thousands) if they happen to get noticed and make it big.

Also, and this is a hard one for the economically-minded, a lot of musicians simply get off on playing their music live for other people with other good musicians. If they make enough to live and get to the next gig, that's all they want. The playing is its own reward.

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