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Unless Tammet's reflections give us the means of understanding, and ultimately replicating his capacity, his popular appeal will remain limited.

3. Considering the jokes Obama made about himself at the Smith dinners, he should appreciate the irony. I'll wager the president is far less offended than the hypersensitive twits who think this was in bad taste.

If Lewis really wanted to insult the president, he would have written, "From one television hero to another."

Obama absolutely appreciated the joke. He strikes me as a president that has a sense of humor about himself like few others have had.

Quips that would have actually been insulting while referencing Homeland:

-"End the drone war now, signed Nicholas Brody"
-"No worries on inspecting this package, I only like blowing up Veeps."
-"Mandy Patinkin would never cheat on his wife; just keep that in mind when looking for a new CIA chief. Best Wishes"

You're probably the first that has ever said he's got a sense of humor about himself.

I don't know why the Democrats don't embrace the fiscal cliff (a weird metaphor, but so what?). It is 5:1 taxes to spending cuts. Sounds right up their alley.

Well they won't publicly embrace it because ~75% of the taxes involved are on the middle class, and the whole thesis of why the middle class should vote Democrat these days is "we'll cut the deficit and pay for lots of new programs and services and investments by raising taxes on the 1%, and that tax increase will only be for the 1%, we promise, in fact here have a tax cut too to show that we mean it."

Hopefully, they'll embrace it privately and be satisfied with being able to publicly blame the cliff on Republicans, just as the Republicans can publicly blame it on them. Gridlock and hyperpartisanship, finally good for something.

Because they want neither that much taxation nor that much spending cut.

I love the FT, too, and reach for its salmon-colored pages whenever I see them being handed out on airplanes. But their paywall, unlike the NYT's, is impermeable and a subscription costs over $300/year. Given that the vast majority of your readers can't access them, your links to FT articles are just frustrating. Please stop, or quote liberally, or at least give a warning next to the link.

That page just requires their free registration to access

That's even more annoying. That means they're making me remember another password for no reason at all.

I use LastPass, so I don't have to remember my 30+ logins and passwords.

Even better is

Don't even have to make a password.....

Try using the password password for the email

Or you could log in as using the password password

Is that username and password good anywhere else?

Daniel Tammet is sort of a fraud according to Joshua Foer's Moonwalking with Einstein.

For more on Daniel Tammet read the first page of this mnemonics' forum thread:

#4 Danish Chef to "revolutionize" Bolivian cuisine? I know you are not buying this,Tyler, because you know that Bolivian cuisine is already excellent. It's basically Peruvian food without the ceviche. Bolivians already eat like 5 meals a day. Good luck to the Danish chef, but next time I am there I'd rather go it at the mercado for a buck!
Better yet, I am going to try to hit Cecilia's this weekend.

3. Hilarious!

Tyler, are you watching the show?

This is where the crap people buy dogs has convinced me it's gone too far.

What percentage of the dogs have a Brazilian?

Off topic: Did Gordon Tullock take this into account in calculations?

Clearly she had never heard of him.

There's over a hundred different Kit Kat flavors which have been or are marketed overseas, including a 72% cocoa version. None are available in the U.S. because Nestle makes Kit Kat bars worldwide except here, where they are made under license by Hershey. We live in the Kit Kat version of the Soviet Union.

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