Assorted links

1. Is the romantic view more true for the weird?

2. Elliott Carter passes away at 103; here is my favorite Carter CD.

3. Miles Kimball refines the “abolish currency” proposal.

4. More on the GMU expansion to Songdo, South Korea.

5. How the Japanese cut cucumbers (video).

6. Gas for sex price controls don’t work markets in everything.

7. A loyal MR reader writes to me: “You may have seen he updated his profile: This very OKCupid profile has been linked from Marginal Revolution (one of the most popular econblogs). I swear I am not making this up.”  Link here.

8. Will top economists be swapped in Catalonia?  Here is the latest rumor (in Spanish).


I'm glad GMU faculty voted on the Korean proposal upon confirmation that the new school would not involve additonal subsidy beyond the start up.

We'll see.

I, on the other hand, have invested in a new start up university in the Bahamas, with branch campuses in the Swiss Alps during skiing season, Paris in the springtime, and Hawaii in the winter.

All classes will be online, and attendance at parties is mandatory.

3 is a link to that horrible Quartz site. Is that a mistake or is Cowen still trying to champion that abomination?

Whoever designed it should be shot. Looks bad on the computer, can't load on the phone, impossible to use beyond the top story on the tablet

1. No, romance is mainly a glue not a signal (for everyone). At that goofy romantic start of a relationship, the other person is not the only person in world for you...they are the only person in the world. We're all "weird" and self-centered, so we need some shared experiences and feelings to bind us together in a relationship. Arranged marriages have a different glue of family ties.

Commenters at OB pointed out that espousing the soulmate notion signals loyalty, trustworthiness, and devotion, even if this notion is borne from naivete. Those traits can serve as the "glue" you're talking about in a relationship.

Rapscallion's comment about the soulmate concept as an ego protection mechanism is on the mark as well.

"loyalty, trustworthiness, and devotion" are individual characteristics not a common glue.

as for superglue...excellent clarification. why are divorce and widowhood so emotionally painful? Because you lose a part of you in the process. Ever tried to pull something off that you accidentally superglued to your finger. Ouch.

Not for everyone:

"The happiest time of anyone's life is just after the first divorce."


If you praise Elliott Carter, be prepared for Joe Queenan to chime in telling you you're an idiot.

Joe Queenan on contemporary music--

Elliott Carter's Symphony No. 1 is written in a highly accessible style--

5 - they need more Central American immigrants.

The Great Stagnation is Cosmic:

"While parts of the world experience economic hardship, a team of Portuguese, UK, Japanese, Italian and Dutch astronomers has found an even bigger slump happening on a cosmic scale. In the largest ever study of its kind, the international team of astronomers has established that the rate of formation of new stars in the Universe is now only 1/30th of its peak and that this decline is only set to continue."

Presumably, this means that the going price for new stars is rising.

So, you only put a movement of Carter's Double Concerto at #8 when Stravinsky described it as "the first American masterpiece"? And you do not like the string quartets?

The robot is speaking Korean in the 5th link. It was also posted by a Korean University.

Well if I had an ample supply of gasoline and was willing to give it to women in return for sex, I'd only consider women who meet a particular standard.

You all know what that standard is.

I suppose the real question is, if one found out and you wound up finding she lied, would you tell her to GTFO?

I mean, if one agreed and you wound up finding out

That cucumber-cutting robot is awfully slow. Flesh-and-bones chefs need not fear losing their jobs. There's another video of a Japanese robot that can fold laundry ... about ten times slower than a human can.

I like your Carter CD selection. :-)

5 - That is not a Japanese robot. ( )
This is how the Japanese cut cucumbers.

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