Sentences about wine and petrol

…the enjoyment of petrol notes is becoming more mainstream. But since it’s still off-putting to novice drinkers, many winemakers have moved to downplay the word petrol. You rarely see it on labels, for instance. The German Wine Institute has omitted mention of petrol in its German-language version of the official Wine Aroma Wheel.

Some winemakers, in some cases, have even declared petrol a defect. Famed winemakers like Olivier Humbrecht, of Zind-Humbrect in Alsace, and Michel Chapoutier (the famed Rhone producer who now makes wine in Alsace) have declared within the past couple years that young rieslings should never smell of petrol.

Here is more, and the article discusses other tastes too, courtesy of The Browser.  What again is that famous quotation from Apocalypse Now?  Which wines did the guy drink?


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