The culture that is Beverly Hills, vending machine markets in everything

Beverly Hills Caviar has unveiled its first touch-screen vending machine at the Burbank Towne Center, offering “a large selection of the world’s finest selection of caviar, truffles, escargot, bottarga, blinis, oils, Mother of Pearl plates and spoons, gift boxes and gourmet salts.”

Prices range from under $50 up to $500, KNX 1070’s Vytas Safroncikas reports.

Here is more, courtesy of Mark Thorson and also Daniel Lippman.

Addendum: Corrected link here.


If you sell $500 items the overheads of employing a salesman must be tiny. Why go for a vending machine?

Novelty factor, you are reading about it.

How often do read caviar related publicity?

The culture that is Burbank?

Agreed. This seems a world apart from Beverly Hills. Maybe the culture that is the valley.

Mother of pearl plates... from a vending machine?


Supposedly mother of pearl makes caviar taste better. I eat my caviar off of bread or crackers so I am not the one to ask. I do use a mother of pearl butter knife to spread it, however, but it is an heirloom.

First attempted heist of a vending machine coming up?


Second if you count that Coke machine in Akron back in '37.

Joke's on both of you. No way the machines will have any cash in them, it would all be credit card driven.

Actually, in college the kids down the hall stole a vending machine. They didn't want cash or Cokes. They wanted a vending machine.

Ah college.

What did they want it for, to vend their own stuff or just to show off?

Just to have it. Kind of like a lava lamp.

Bypass cash, go straight for the caviar.

Who wants Cash when you can grab Caviar instead?!

What I want to know is what they put in the blinis making them cost $50 or more.

What I want to know is where they're placing this to get turnover high enough to keep the things worth that price...

On the Caledonian Road, on the seedier side of Islington, the very chic district in London, there used to be a maggot vending machine. For people who fished on the Regent's Canal.

Here's a link to the company, Mag-It

On a different note, there no longer are vending machines in Tokyo which dispense schoolgirls' dirty underwear.

What? Why?

I first saw a touch-screen vending machine in Tokyo, and it was selling the same Pocari and cold tea as every other Japanese vending machine. Which is not a bad thing, but I remember wondering how they would be able to take full advantage of the touch-screen innovation given their fairly fixed inventory. It's nice to see Beverley Hills really working the machine's flexibility.

In actual Beverly Hills, there is the Sprinkle's Cupcakes "ATM", which allows 24-hour vending of expensive though yummy cupcakes:

No Great Stagnation, it seems.

I have read this from other blogs. The thought is great but I don't think that it can be afforded by an average American. It is worth the try though since many people go crazy over it.

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