The Foreign Policy Top Global Thinkers

You will find it here, Scott Sumner makes the list, as do Piketty and Saez and many others, including Buiter, Krugman, Roubini, Feldstein, Duflo, Acemoglu, Zingales, and Paul Romer.  Ruchir Sharma too.


Really? Scott for /foreign policy/?

Tyler, you really do have magic.

You didn't read the piece, did you?

You left Luigi Zingales off your list. He's no. 96.

Bill and Hilary Clinton 3 and 4? This is a joke, right?

Do we conclude that the jump page being Paul Ryan means:

1) TC was reading the list and thought it was such a joke with Ryan as #8 that it would be good blog bait;

2) TC was reading the list and thought Ryan as #8 validates the list.

3) TC doesn't understand jump pages.

Really? Pussy Riot are "global thinkers"? Even as a joke that list does not work.

I hope like the three men who are listed for changing their minds one day we can name 1) a Pope for changing his mind about disallowing female priests 2) influential mullahs for changing their minds about forbidding women entering mosques and imposing the veil on them, 3) leaders of Hindu fanatical groups in India changing their minds about instigating violence against those celebrating valentine's day and against women who dare to visit pubs .

Why I am reminded that "the 100 years war" lasted 130 years?

Tyler's quoted in two of the blurbs (Sumner and Zingales) but no entry for himself. Touche!

Anyone on that list should be subject to P. Tetlock-style test: are their predictions and forecasts better than random?

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