What are the best new products that people don’t know about?

Here is a Quora discussion of that question.  I like “Traffic Signal with Hour Glass Timer” and “Cooking Solved.”  “No more blind spots” is the one I would pay for.

For the pointer I thank Rob.


You don't know how to properly angle your mirrors? Here's a hint- you don't need to see the side of your car in your side mirrors, unless you anticipate blind-spot attack by extremely narrow people riding bicycles. You're welcome for solving your blind spot problem.

Yeah, after reading that I've adjusted my mirrors likewise for years; yet somehow I still always instinctively do that neck flip before changing lanes and turning.

Do adherents of the optimal mirror placement technique still check blind spots or no more? Just wondering what others do.......

I have adjusted my mirrors like this for 3-4 years now. I admit that it took a long time (easily a full year) before I was comfortable with not turning my neck. That only holds, however, when I am driving the 2 cars I drive frequently. I still turn my neck at first if I get into a car or truck I have never driven before, even after adjusting the mirrors.

Quora seems to be doing just fine without me, but the expert-sexchange.com style bait and switch signup scheme really turns me off.

I suppose I'll have to live in suspense. Markets in attention?

I don't know, I certainly don't frequent the expert sexchange website. I especially won't be going there if they engage in any bait and switch!

I'd guess the hourglass-signals would be a safety disaster: and intricate graphic, without even the red-green positioning distinction to help the color-blind, and the same yellow color/graphic in final seconds of both 'wait' and 'go'.

First in China, and now more recently in North America, I've seen traditional stoplights that add a digital seconds countdown (like has been more common for modern pedestrian signals) on both red and green, for the entire length of the signal. Much easier to interpret, and probably a big when for letting stopped drivers know exactly how long they have to check their text messages.

That is just one whole freaking awesome page full of THERE IS NO GREAT STAGNATION. Brilliant link.

Best ones: storm-Umbrella (Needed to Happen); Smart Milk Pitcher (NTH); Stair-Bookcase; Load Carrier (NTH); Traffic Signal Hourglass, No Blindspots, Disability Car; Unique Umbrella (NTH); Precision Ruler (NTH); Drunk Keyhole (NTH); Digital Ink; Lazy Glasses; Lifestraw; and of course the Baby Mop.

Also: The Culture That is Japan/There Is No Great Stagnation: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20115555-1/toilet-motorcycle-runs-on-human-poo-power/

Why aren't the large, no-blind-spot rear view mirrors the default?

Probably the same reason there are never enough cupholders. There is this apocryphal story where some car company got the brilliant idea to ask customers what they wanted. The most common request from some women was to use the same key for the doors and the trunk. That basically means they never thought to ask anything.

Maybe because people don't buy things based on attributes that really matter. A large mirror would probably make the car look less desirable at the showroom though safer and easier to actually drive.

External mirrors? Mirrors on the outside are big contributors to drag.

Their replacement with cameras is imminent.

I can't read the link, so I'm guessing that it's convex or somehow has a wider field of vision.

There is legislation that says your drivers' side rearview mirror cannot be so. You see more but it makes things smaller. Whether this is good or not is debatable, but the worst solution might be some cars having it and some not, so people get confused when they switch cars.

Found a link with some details on the regulation:

"In the United States, regulations dictate that cars coming off of the assembly line must have a flat mirror on the driver’s side. Curved mirrors are allowed for cars’ passenger-side mirrors only if they include the phrase “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

Because of these regulations, Hicks’s mirrors will not be installed on new cars sold in the U.S. any time soon. The mirror may be manufactured and sold as an aftermarket product that drivers and mechanics can install on cars after purchase. Some countries in Europe and Asia do allow slightly curved mirrors on new cars. Hicks has received interest from investors and manufacturers who may pursue opportunities to license and produce the mirror."


Seems silly. Distorted distances seem like an easy enough thing to adjust to, though it would make some sense if the degree of distortion was standardized. Flat vs "standard distortion" seems easy, flat vs distorted 1, distorted 2, distorted 3, &etc seems tough.

Nice link. Some interesting stuff.


Bangkok has countdown timers (in sec) on traffic lights. Easy but rally helps.

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