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Craft & Commerce, a gastropub located in San Diego, has chosen the more forward approach and taken to playing audio clips of their best worst Yelp reviews while patrons do their business in the bathroom.

Here is more, and I thank Michael Rosenwald for the pointer.


Where is more? No link to the article.

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After having read the menu, the restaurant looks like an amalgamation of every restaurant trend of the past five years.

Let's review:

1. Title and style of restaurant referencing older ideals or use of language, with strong 19th century bent? CHECK

2. Menu font and actual menu looking like nothing more than a knockoff of April Bloomfield's original Gastro Pub hit the Spotted Pig? CHECK

3. Menu heavy on crispy, fatty things cut with flavored aiolis and pickled-vinegary things? ABSOLUTELY CHECK

4. Cocktail menu heavy on new fad speakeasy cocktail culture? CHECK

5. And finally the coup de grace, a charcuterie and cheese plate. HELL YEAH!!!

I am going to guess that such an unimaginatively trend hopping restaurant may be a bit deserving of criticism. I havent seen the decor but I wouldnt be at all surprised if it has a raw wood, industrial vibe to it.

The coup de grace is the snotty service.
If you read the 1-star reviews (50 out of 900) and ignore the 101s, you will see a consistent theme from regular, active Yelpers about atrocious service.

I loved your spot on list as we have these in cowtown Denver also.

Hey, I miss Argyll, dammit!

In any event, I've found the quality of a restaurant's Yelp rating is inversely proportional to the number of reviews it has received.

You'll love this then. Not only is it raw wood, but it has the animal head mountings and - EVEN BETTER - fake old books. It's great! No industrial vibe, though. But that's what you have to expect in San Diego. It's not exactly an artistically-creative powerhouse; it's an overgrown beach town. It can rarely (though sometimes!) do better than copying whatever's the trend.

I will say, though, that I was there a few weeks ago and it has by far some of the best cocktails in the city and the service was super friendly. I didn't hear the yelp reviews in the bathroom, though.

This is brilliant. They'll have a couple thousand Yelp reviews by the end of the week.

(Been there, and it's a fun place.)

The bar I frequent has a particularly bad review printed on the t-shirts they sell.

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