Merry Christmas!


Tyler and Alex
Merry Christmas to you and your families.

Tyler and Alex,
Merry Christmas to you and your families.

Merry Christmas to all the regulars, occasionals, and lurkers.

And you blokes too.

Does Tyrone celebrate with the family?

Merry Christmas and an interesting and stimulating New Year. And thanks for MR!

Merry Christmas Tyler, Alex and your families.

To me, the angels in the sky look like rats with wings.

It could just be my eyesight.

And, the fourth one from the right looks like he's sitting on a toilet.

Yes, a cloud toilet.

Didn't know Tyler owned it. Forget the first line above.

Merry Christmas.

And why is Ricky Gervais wearing white boxers and lying on a porcupine?

I tried to find a higher resolution version of that painting, but Google insists I mean "robin", not "obin". I can force it to search for "obin" for one page, but when I go to the second page of search results it reverts to "robin". (The artist appears to be Jean Claude Obin.)

The best I could do is this, which is not the same painting but it is from the same artist. Entitled "The Birth of Christ", it sold at auction for $150 in 2007.

Obin does not seem to have been a very successful painter, his fame most likely peaking today with his appearance in the MR blog.

Philome Obin is the artist, and this is a reproduction of a print (we own a copy). An original painting along these lines probably would sell in the 25k-30k range. Obin was leader of the Cap Haitian School and one of the most influential of the Haitian painters.

just drag & drop the pic on

By the way, Galerie Bonheur is selling a copy of the print for $225 I believe.

Nativity greetings and good wishes for the year we approach, with thanks for the work you share here.

Merry Christmas to you and your families.

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