Mustache markets in everything

…not all mustaches are created equal, and in recent years, increasing numbers of Middle Eastern men have been going under the knife to attain the perfect specimen.

Turkish plastic surgeon Selahattin Tulunay says the number of mustache implants he performs has boomed in the last few years. He now performs 50-60 of the procedures a month, on patients who hail mostly from the Middle East and travel to Turkey as medical tourists.

He said his patients generally want thick mustaches as they felt they would make them look mature and dignified.

“For some men who look young and junior, they think (a mustache) is a must to look senior … more professional and wise,” he said. “They think it is prestigious.”

Here is more and for the pointer I thank Michael Wellhouse.  And to overcome the shortage of collateral:

Men swore on their mustaches in sayings and folk tales, used them as collateral for loans and guarantees for promises, and sometimes even shaved their opponents’ lips as a punishment.


It is quite reasonable that mustaches are prized in some places. I believe some police forces in in India have a special mustache maintenance allowance for policemen who have particularly good specimens.

Wouldn't a mustache be hand-to-hand combat-nightmare?

Further imagine a sabotage diver and a naval-dolphin grabbing on to his mustache.......

No, facial hair acts like a dry lubricant which means that strikes to the face are much less likely to cause cuts.
This is also why boxers cover their faces in Vaseline.

Sadly, there is now apparently a gross oversupply. I frequently see men at bars advertising mustache rides for only a nickle.

There is no way they are paying for the procedure at that rate. Here comes another collapse in collateral.

And not just in India.

60 days same as 'stache.

Mustaches are ridiculous. Beards are spectacular.

If only women in America would start appreciating the virtues of body hair ... (sigh).

Many do. Many like Van Dykes and goatees (which, they think, correlate with "adventuresome" personalities). They are just largely indifferent to moustaches and very much against beards.

That's not quite what I had in mind.

He's a pubic hair fetishist.Although I suppose he's into arm and leg and armpit hair and just hasn't mentioned I.

Missing an "it's possible" in that post

If only Peter's woman would wear a fake beard for a week he might not be sighing in this thread.

Here is a great and relevant photograph by Mary Ellen Mark.

So now I think I understand the Syrian Civil War. They looked at Baby Asad's whispy mustache and realised he was not half the man his father was.

If only he had facial hair like one of the Village People!

Anybody got health insurance coverage for this?

Soon. Someone will claim that their wispy 'stache is causing their low self-esteem and demand coverage.

The McArdle post would be "mandates don't stay modest"

Here's another mustache market in everything. David Axelrod will shave his mustache off if people donate enough to reach the target of $1 million in donations for charity: see

Great post! I love that cartoon!! I have the otpisope problem from you, Kim, I met my husband in 1996. I have never seen him without a beard or mustache : ) I have asked him over the years to cut it just to see what he looks like (wink!) but I doubt he ever will so it is a jolly good thing! I like mustaches!!Fun post and GREAT blog!!Patti

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