My favorite things Oklahoma

1. Humorist: It is hard not to pick Will Rogers.  But was he funny?  You tell me.  I’ll go with Chuck Norris.

2. Jazz musician: Charlie Christian, and as runner-up Chet Baker.

3. Folk music: Woody Guthrie, here is Do Re Mi.

4. Popular music: Eddie Cochran, and overall the music categories are turning out better than one might have expected.  I feel there should be lots in country music but I could not tell you who that might be.

5. Musical, set in: Duh.  A favorite of my favorites.

6. Novelist: Ralph Ellison.

7. Painter: Ed Ruscha.

8. Outlaw: Pretty Boy Floyd.

9. Movie, set in: I can think only of Rumblefish.

Here are images of Tulsa Art Deco.

People, this is an underrated state.  I hope to end up there later tonight.


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