Assorted links

1. Poverty in New York City.

2. How does competency-based learning work?

3. Are the Chinese switching out of Hollywood movies because the movies are too stupid?  It seems so.  And at what rate does popular culture depreciate?

4. James Hamilton on Reinhart-Rogoff, and a good overview/scoring of the overall controversy.

5. “Dwight Howard missed more free throws this season (366) than Lakers teammate Steve Nash has missed in his 17-year NBA career (322). Howard: 355 for 721 this season, 49.2 percent; Nash: 3,038 for 3,360 from 1996-97 through 2012-13, 90.4 percent.”  Link here.

6. Update on a potential Slovenia bailout.

7. Japanese robot for kids at 20k.


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