Assorted links

1. “Wanting to be liked.”

2. Trifecta (good photos too).

3. Hobson, underconsumption, globalization, and the great stagnation, by Robert Skidelsky; uneven but interesting.  I’ve been waiting for this tradition to be rediscovered, I suppose Hilferding is next.

4. WSJ reviews the excellent Arnold Kling.

5. I am more pro-immigration than he is, but Ross Douthat is right now writing the best material on immigration reform.  It is odd for me how, in the midst of a major policy discussion of the issue, most of the people I read cover the topic but do not mention or much discuss five nights of riots in Sweden.  The economics of additional immigration work out fine in my view, and I am happy to count the well-being of foreigners without hesitation.  The real question is how much immigration a nation’s politics can handle.  Fortunately we are not at the “five nights of riots” margin in the United States, but Ross still raises the key question, namely “the kind of social solidarity that mass immigration often tends to undercut…” and the role of that solidarity in supporting a free society.  The key question is how many low-skilled immigrants a nation can take in and still keep a good politics.

6. Location-aware radio.


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