The best Chinese restaurant Washington, D.C. has had, ever

Panda Gourmet, Langdon Days Inn, 2700 New York Ave., just east of Bladensburg Road, NE, 202-636-3588.

It is in a dump of a roadside motel.  You must of course ask for the secret Chinese menus, as the Chinese-American fare does not appear to be of interest.  They have a special Shaanxi noodles dish, get it.  They have a special Xian dish which you can think of as like a Chinese hamburger, albeit with pork, Rouge Mo.  Get it.  They have the best Dan Dan noodles this area has seen, ever.  Get it.  The best cold Chengdu spicy noodles I have had.  The best cumin beef of any place around.  The spicy fish wasn’t bad, but not up to the other really good Chinese places around here.  In any case this is a top drawer Chinese restaurant and for authenticity it is #1 around of all choices.

You will note it is hard to get here, even with a car.  If you are driving east on New York Avenue, you will be constrained by a divided road, and you need to make a funny U-turn at the sign for The Washington Times building, and go under an unpromising overpass back to a service road, eventually the move will pay off, if it doesn’t feel wrong you are not doing right.

This is some Yelp information here and for the original pointer I thank Don Rockwell.


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