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I don't think liberaltarianism is catching on.

It should be pursued just to show exactly why it fails.

Escaping the leftist thought police is one of the features of libertarianism, not a bug.

#2 Chile had one of these. Provided the partner, too.

On #5, I agree with Heumer's critique of state coercion, but his 'anarcho-capitalist' remedy (a market in private protection services) is not very persuasive ... suffice it to say that, in my view, Nozick's approach is the best

no worries ... the problem with the multiple posts isn't you ... it's the website (it's not letting us see our comments immediately, giving us the false impression that we haven't posted yet ... I wish Tyler or Alex would fix this ... it is annoying)

That's some pretty expensive Tennessee blue jeans.

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