Chinese edition of *An Economist Gets Lunch*, Friday cat blogging edition

Finally MR steps up to the plate with a cat photo:


There is (probably) more information here.  For the pointer I thank Kunlung Wu.


Enjoyed the book, but for the Chinese edition why a photo with a knife, fork, and milk in a kitchen that resembles only a sliver of what the Chinese population is accustomed to? Is there a marketing strategy here?

It's traditional Chinese, and those are British BS1363 socket plugs in the background. So it's targeted at either Hong Kong or Singapore. Both are certainly familiar with Westernized kitchens, milk, knives, and forks.

Doesn't Singapore use simplified characters? It's basically Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau for traditional characters at this point.

Whoops, true. Easy to mix them up.

Now there is a man who knows his plugs. The Chinese sockets are basically identical to Australian ones except ours are of course upside down since we are down under.

Hats off!


The quality of your book-covers had been declining, exactly like Shyamalan's career :

But you've knocked it out of the park with this one, Congrats!

BTW Tyler, the cover for your "Creative Destruction" is one of my favorites. Can you tell us anything about the painting it features?

All the comments and guesses on the Shyamalan post fail to grasp what actually happened (as I've been told it by a reliable friend). Unknown Shymalan was unsuccessfully shopping this script about a kid and his therapist, when finally a studio exec recommended the twist that the therapist is dead. The movie gets made, Shyamalan is hailed as a genius, and he's been trying to capture the magic of somebody else's good idea ever since.

Did I get this from a first-hand witness? No. But it's a good source, and the story of Shymalan's career makes all the sense in the world when viewed through this lens.

Wow, that's interesting. Inspired by your spoiler, I just 'saw' The Sixth Sense in 30 seconds by reading the plot on Wikipedia. Wow, the guy was dead all the while--something like Dead Again, but different--I did not see that coming. Very clever, O Henry would approve.

But you can't say Shyamalan is a total fraud, as he was a serious student of film even before 1999: (Wikipedia):

"Shyamalan wrote and directed his second movie, Wide Awake, in 1995, though it was not released until 1998.Wide Awake was filmed in a school Shyamalan attended as a child[12] and earned 1999 Young Artist Award nominations for Best Drama, and, for Cross, Best Performance.[13] Only in limited release, the film grossed $305,704 in theaters, against a $6 million budget.[14]"

No, all of Shymalan's films show a certain cinematic quality. He's a good storyteller and he knows how to convey *mood*. The Sixth Sense gave a good impression of what depression feels like. His later films share this quality - they are all moody and expressive.

He's been disparaged just because his first film was his best. The same has been true for many directors.

Heck, look at any director. Coppola is now a vintner.

Ha, went from there to Tyler's trolling rave review of Lady in the Water

A Hong Kong edition? A Taiwanese edition? It has not been published on the Mainland yet?

If it is a Hong Kong edition, some readers may be confused about the role of the cat.

How do i get an English version with that cover?

Buy an English copy and a Chinese copy, both hardcover. Switch the dust jackets.

Grumpy economist cat.

I suggest this cat become Cowen's mascot for all branding and media purposes.

That cat may have been declawed. If so, it might be too controversial for publicity purposes.

Is this to mean that economists, like cats, are stealing what they can?

Chair + cat = Chairman Mao :)

Surely you mean Chairman Meow?

Don't talk to me.

FYI, the title in Chinese is "zhong wu chi shen me?" which roughly means "what are you having for lunch?" (no mention of any economist)

Under the 中午吃什麼, it says it is a food guide from an economist.

But what's the cat thinking? "We haz rulz"? "Mine!"?

Really, someone thought very carefully about the expression on that cat's face.

It was a choice between that one and this one.

What's the cat eating? Or pawing?

Damn cat is trying to get at Tyler's Sichuan-Spiced Fancy Feast.

Perhaps 'Tyler' in a certain Chinese dialect translates to furball?


Proof. Average is over.

Cat pictures are second only to porn in Things the Internet is For.

This seems around the mark as well -

The obsession of the internet with cats is something I will never understand.

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