A modern list of things to do before you are 30

From the desk of Eva Vivalt, who is not yet 30, here is part of the list:

1. Code

2. Be unemployed (unless you do 1)

3. Have a meme go viral

4. Try an app relating to “the quantified self”. (Whether to track spending, sleep, etc.)

5. Make a mistake publicly on the internet where it will live on forever

Travel is prominent as well.  These two items remind me of Ben Casnocha:

8. Learn about behavioural economics and the mistakes you might make, such as how you may be affected by projection bias. You can easily waste a lot of time being upset about things that won’t matter in time or going the wrong direction because of mistaken beliefs

9. Remember that xkcd comic strip about the value of becoming more efficient at a task? When you’re young, you stand to benefit for a lot longer from any positive improvements you can make. So figure out how to eat well, what kind of things make you happy, etc. Invest a lot of time in learning, not necessarily formally

She sums it up like this:

 I feel that with increasing inequality, using your youth well is all the more important, something I bet Tyler Cowen would agree with.

What would you add to the list?


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