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These awesome assorted links show once again that great blogs like MR are not only a public good; but also that such blogs refute standard economic analysis (unless one wants to assert some ad hoc signalling theory or postulate that fame is an end in itself)


The private provisioning of public goods is well known in economics (and to my neighbors every 4th of July).

Tyler, if you like 1, here's a collection of similarly reductionist videos about life in Singapore. (The sidebar should link to many other videos in the genre.) I strongly recommend this one as well -- it seems potentially informative about declining birthrates in Singapore.

That Jessica Alba movie is more than 10 years old.

The gods of aging are slightly less cruel.

Man, posts that mention hot chicks at their peak years later are harsh

On the chess site, they almost had me. I haven't played chess in years but the popup with the download link had me clicking. Sure, I'll download the demo and give it a try.

Nope. Fooled me. Just took me to a product page. They lost a potential sale there.

4. Preserved moments of historical sass (volume seven).

Very interesting site: see "The Lost Art of the Cutaway"

yeah, good link.

Reminds me of this Jessica Alba moment on George Lopez:

Pop culture programming has made Alba desperately desperately want to not be white, to the point of claiming that like, maybe i'm from spain, and i guess spain isn't really part of europe


I'm not sure if the Spain thing was better than the crowd reaction to 87% European

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