Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from New Orleans and best wishes for the New Year to all our readers.


Find the Pope in the Piazza.

Merry Christmas

In N'Orleans try and visit 417 Royal Street, the home of Brennan's Restaurant, which was formerly the house of American chess wunderkind Paul Morphy back in the 19th century.

and don't forget ACME and Felix's for oysters and Coop's for Cajun.. or perhaps there are better places that others can suggest

Unfortunately, Brennan's is currently closed. When we passed it in November, it was blocked by a plywood fence, with construction of some sort going on behind. One looks forward to its reopening, apparently somewhere else (see the Brennan's web page).

Acme, great, but often there are lines down the street. Felix's? The last time we went a couple of years ago, the raw oysters turned out to have been shucked some indefinite time before and were sitting in a small fridge. Not good. Such a sad decline. One can try Deanie's just up the street, however. It is quite good.

Merry Christmas!

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