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From FC:

A knocking at the door.

“Who’s there?” I asked. “Amazon drone,” came a polite but firm bass voice.

I opened the door to find box on the step as the hexacopter retracted its delivery arm and spun up its rotors. An invoice icon appeared on my Amazon eyeglasses. What wonders had I been brought today and how much would they cost?

But then, I thought, which of the two of us was truly an Amazon drone?


And how long will be before its a terrorist delivering a WMD?

Unlikely. Lacks visibility. I'd wonder how long before it's a crazed stalker attacking a photogenic white woman.

You don't want your cream soup in the form of a mushroom cloud.

Welcome to Amazon Quantum Prime. Two cats for the price of one, but you don't know which one you end up with until you open the box.

Well, it will probably be a cat.

Yes, but it might not be a live one.

Just remember if the answer is "Dolphin", don't open the door.

Nor if the answer is "Candygram for Mongo".

I knew Tyler_Cowen was easily amused...

I can't wait to take them out with my airsoft gun. Drone hunting will become a new sport.

Yeah, till they shoot back....

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