Assorted links

1. Good Naidu essay on Piketty.  And a good Guardian piece on data discontinuities in Piketty.  More from Krusell and Smith, Piketty vs. modern macro theory.  Kevin Vallier on Piketty’s political philosophy.  Don Boudreaux reviews Piketty.  David Graeber does a mood affiliation take on Piketty.  And yet more mood affiliation on Piketty.

2. The economics of book festivals, an FT piece.

3. Tax policy and The Bible, by Bruce Bartlett.

4. E. Glen Weyl has a new paper summarizing price theory.

5. Not since 1952 have the puffins been so late.  And Art Carden is returning to EconLog.

6. A tale of two brothers, one of whom is rich.


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