Assorted links

1. Further evidence for political insider trading, this time for hedge funds.

2. You call it “3-D printing optimism,” I call it “order transmission and cheap delivery pessimism.”  Amazon enters the game.

3. Google search and stock prices, further results.

4. Indian monkey costume markets in everything, Parliamentary edition.  And lingerie for Chinese peaches.

5. China will liberalize its internal passport system.  And The Woman in Black settles in Winchester,VA.

6. Broody octopus keeps four-year vigil.

7. In which we learn that Neel Kashkari is very good at impersonating a zero marginal product worker.  That skill usually does not operate in reverse.

8. Brad DeLong on Jeff Faux and NAFTA.  I mostly agree, but also think rural Mexican corn farmers need to be leaving that sector in any case.


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