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I guess nobody at NTT reads this web site -

'India to send the world’s last telegram on July 14th

by Tyler Cowen on June 18, 2013 at 1:26 am in History, Web/Tech'

Update to the original article reads:
NEW DELHI — (Editor's Note: The original story incorrectly heralded the worldwide demise of the telegram. In fact, some telegram services live on, including an international telegram service that will continue to operate in India even as the state-run service is shutting down.)
MR can't be blamed for everything.

Isn't it in fact highly precedented for Olympic venues to rot unused?

Not precisely: Barcelona, Los Angeles and Atlanta can show to do things.

Greek ruins: did you see the speculation that Aristotle's tomb might have been found?

Olympic venues, like World Cup venues should be paid for by spectators via advertisers.

How telling that Tyler's name is nowhere mentioned in the Secular Stagnation book, despite his recent book "The Great Stagnation".

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