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Kansas "turning" moderate? Keep in mind that Republican Kansas elected Democrat Kathleen Sebelius for governor twice.

How much of the current election in Kansas is simply "Throw Da Bums" out due to a stagant economy based on falling commodity grain prices the last several years with a lot rising cost of farmland from 2006 - 2012. This would have happened anyway.

Kansas does not have the population base to win many companies like Texas has the last couple decades.

Kansan here. I see Orman signs already, none for Roberts. Brownback is in trouble as well from what I can tell. Kansans are not particularly moderate, but despite all their talk the current crop of conservatives in power haven't done much beyond cutting taxes and cutting education and social service budgets. The rural districts will vote heavy GOP, so the house and senate will be GOP w/o a doubt. State wide, they will be balanced out by the cities.

Personally the Brownback tax cuts have done me well, but they haven't affected most people. I believe he DID raise the speed limits on the interstate though.

Nationwide, this is actually shaping up to be an incumbents win everywhere election, not a throw the bums out election. It will be interesting to see if 6% or whatever popularity ratings coincide with an electoral cycle where unusually few incumbents lose.

I don't think the Roberts -Orman election is significant, since its understandable to prefer a Senator who actually lives in the state to someone who is a reliable vote on the red-blue divide. There have been instances of a politician from the "wrong" party winning one election for the House or even for the Senate because it was the only way voters could remove an incumbent who was unsuitable for some obvious reason.

Where were these Kansan right-leaning critics during Roberts' first 30 years in the Senate, when he was also a complete stuffed shirt that contributed nothing and accomplished nothing?

The Bourdain "nerd fury" post is just a variant of the old saying that the best way to get the right answer to a question was to post something to Usenet which asked the question and then provided the wrong answer.

I can't be bothered to look it up, but isn't Bob fing Dole from Kansas...pretty moderate, pretty establishmentarian.

The"moderates" from both parties love corporate welfare and love war. For some reason the only people constantly rooting for "moderates" are leading figures in the mainstream media

By rooting for moderates, I position myself to criticize all my detractors as extremists.

ok I read the article has a silly premise. The increased probability that a old school republican who has been in office for 30 years means the populace is turning moderate?!

That is just a sign that old school lifetime politicians are not too popular. The record low approval ratings for all politicians already told us that...but here it is more evidence.

#6 I think there is probably no easy way to stop drones from being used in movies. But, once a few cool people do it, then everyone will lose interest.

Drones Reveal Widespread Tax Evasion In Argentina

#4) Is Moscow State University actually a decent school? Or is there some other kind of linkage with the oligarchs that I'm not aware of?

Anyway, great list. Surprised to see USC so high up.

Moscow State is the highest ranked university in Russia.

What school did Putin's cronys attend?

Cnbc has a different looking list: One or the other counts those with inherited wealth.

It's also the largest university in Russia, located the biggest city where all the money is made.

#2. Compromising with evil makes one moderate?

Also, the article describes Republicans as having shifted to the right.


Go to bed grandpa, you're angry and drunk.

#3. "... this adds up to a set of conditions for a successful LVT: ... accurate and up-to-date valuations ..."

Therein lay the genesis of the Poll Tax adventure in Britain. In Scotland valuations were updated every five years, so that when house prices shot up so did "rates" i.e. property taxes. In response to the howls of pain of the Scottish middle class Mrs T's government replaced rates by a poll tax, in an alarmingly cack-handed way. Result: political disaster.

(In England the system hadn't updated valuations for many years. No surprise there: when I lived in Scotland, pre-devolution, parts of its public sector were conspicuously better managed than their English equivalents.)

#4) As a Michigan man, I am jealous of Berkeley--they have 2 more billionaires than us. UT I can accept.

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