Assorted links

1. Things that cost more than space exploration.

2. Tim Harford on why Parisian food is getting worse.

3. The Mercedes-Benz driverless truck.

4. Steven Pinker on why academic writing stinks.

5. Bill Gross’s Straussian take on his deceased pet cat, CAPM, the disrepair of economic models, his personal pet history, and the future of asset returns.  It is strange how they concluded from this letter that he was erratic: “I often asked her about her recommendations for pet food stocks, and she frequently responded – one meow for “no,” two meows for a “you bet.” She was less certain about interest rates, but then it never hurt to ask.”  I say he was spot on, and knew no other way of communicating the bad news.  I suppose he needed to be Straussian about his Straussianism.


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