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everything is awesome. US economy still doing great

More success under the Obama Administration, right ummm?

As almost always happens, the link to WSJ does not work. It's hardly worth posting them.

The recovery has been pretty weak, but considering that he's a Muslim Communist and that the Fed has steadfastly refused to target the NGDP level trend, results are not bad.

Short version: Politico hack writes ideological screed with some numbers thrown in. Frankly, I'm not even sure what the point of the column was.

As almost always happens, the link to WSJ does not work. It's hardly worth posting them.

As Japan ages, it was inevitable that their saving rate would turn negative. They are cashing out to pay for their medical bills.

But also the Japanese saver has been happy to get screwed over these past few decades. Low interest rates, even negative ones for instance. The Japanese government has borrowed a lot of money they will probably not be paying back. The LDP will do anything rather than deal with the genuine problems in the Japanese economy - not enough children and a complete dominance of the economy by and for retired bureaucrats for instance. Which has worked out, up to a point, as long as the long suffering suckers earning a salary kept working and saving to pay for it all. This could be the start of some serious problems.

Maybe Asian movies will help fix the stereotypes of Asians in Hollywood movies.

In a standard Hollywood movie Asians are always deadly Kung-Fuists and blacks are brilliant computer wizards. So tiny Jet Li who can't weigh more than about ninety pounds wipes out whole groups of large nasty bad guys bare handed. while Ving Rhames - a very beefy and solid 200 pounder plays with his portable computer devising arcane cyber stratagems.

I take your point but Jet Li's martial art skills are real, Ving Rhames' computer skills not so much.

"1. Sorting M&Ms with an iPhone."

Well sure, but you can just order M&M's in whatever colors you want directly from Mars. It's more expensive, but still cheaper than "sorting" off the shelf ones.

Sometimes you need to sort M&M's really carefully, even if someone assures you that they've already done that.

3. If the heading says "China Real Time" not surprising that 6 of the 10 films are from China.

I was going to say only in Japan could a work that is backbreaking, mind numbingly repetitive, and now only done by the world's ultra poor, be considered relaxing but that's not really true. I can imagine a network of hipster cotton spinning bars popping in the US the only difference being that the Japanese cotton would be well spun.

Knitting? Gardening? Fishing?

The next big thing will be the merger of the cat cafe and fiber spinning. You'll use an extra-fine tooth comb to harvest the loose hair from a cat, card it, then spin it into yarn -- while sipping on artisan-roasted fair-trade coffee. In Moscow, the cats will be pedigreed purebreds being held for tax purposes.

Re: Cuban economic potential

It occurred to me the other day that Cuba could literally have a blue sky industry.

Cuba is supposed to have (ahemm) some expertise in launching rockets. Commercial satellite launching is most efficient in the eastward direction.
Cuba's slender east west orientation surrounded by sea and close to the equator gives it a geographical advantage.

Interestingly Russia (who is paying more than USD$100M pa) has some problem with its Kazak launch site,

The best approach would be to make the launch areas into special economic zone and invite some US private investments for their commercial satellite launching as well. Cuba could leap into the space age in one go.

Is it too far fetch? Have a look at

#3 This look interesting

With Jackie Chan and John Cusack. The battle btw ancient Rome and Chinese Han dynasty for the silk roads.

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